We have employed emphasis on nutrition in our practice. We believe that proper nutrition helps our patients modulate and decrease negative effects genes that are responsible for mental and physical problems. This is called Science of Epigenetics. ” Let food be thy Medicine”. 

One of the common ingredients of American food is Gluten. Gluten is “the Devil” inside the taste. Removing gluten can improve brain and bowel function. In sensitive individuals it makes stomach cramp, causes diarrhea, may add to constipation effects, fog memory and decrease mental performance. 

Remember when you can’t “go well” in the toilet, you don’t feel well.

Irene T. Lichtwark, PhD student, School of Psychological Sciences, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, and colleagues examined the connection among a gluten-free diet, celiac symptoms, and cognitive function among 11 newly diagnosed patients with celiac disease (8 women and 3 men).

The patients demonstrated significant improvement in 4 of the cognitive tests, and improvements in scores for verbal fluency, attention, and motor function at 52 weeks.

While they felt more research is needed, we have observed in our practice that our psychiatry and internal medicine patients who have decreased or moved away from Gluten containing foods maintain better mood and report memory improvement especially short term memory. 

Dr. Mahesh Dave

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“I’m very happy with my treatment. Dr. Dave’ has treated me with utmost respect and made me feel heard when I was having problems… medicine is helping me greatly…”

11-27-17 from Ms. B.