I see a lot of patients with migraines and hate to give long term medications because of side effects, cost, and formulary preferences by insurance companies.

I did research and according to one of my preceptorship, Dr. Alan Gaby,

Foods that can increase or cause headaches are, HFCS, MSG, eggs, soy, artificial sweeteners, corn, wheat( gluten), casein and caffeine. Gluten in wheat can trigger migraines. Some patients benefit by avoiding oranges. – try to eliminate these foods one by one for 30 days and see if headaches improve.

Avoid tri-amine containing foods like wines and aged cheese.

A combination of riboflavin, a B vitamin called B2 even in a low dose of 25 micrograms, plus magnesium and feverfew herb can reduce recurrences.

CoQ10 works in patients who have been on “triptans” e.g Immitrax, Maxalt et. for long without benefit.

Dr. Nalini Dave



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