There is a great concern by public, government agencies and doctors about abuse of medications used for treating ADD or ADHD. The concern is well understood. Alcohol, street drugs, medications, and even Tylenol can be abused if someone wishes to. Majority of patients who have been properly diagnosed by psychiatrists such risk is minimal.

Not treating ADD or ADHD carry much higher risk of the following, according to discussion in Primary Issues:

Suicide risk is at least double the community rate
Lower educational attainment
Impaired occupational function
30% decreased income
Decreased promotion and increased job loss rates
Substance use at 2 to 3 times baseline rates
Higher lifestyle risk
Increased accidental injury rates
Increases in high-risk sexual behaviors
Poorer health behaviors and outcomes despite higher utilization rates
Decreased preventive care
Increased medical non-compliance
Motor vehicle accident rates 2 to 3 times baseline rates
Higher rates of arrest and incarceration
Impaired relationships
Higher divorce rates
Higher rates of family disruption


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Our Patients’ Kind Words

“I’m very happy with my treatment. Dr. Dave’ has treated me with utmost respect and made me feel heard when I was having problems… medicine is helping me greatly…”

11-27-17 from Ms. B.