Even though a person may start out with good sets of genes, influence of his environment, and his nutrition may eventually determine whether he will enjoy health or suffer from sickness. Many times this is the reason why, the parents are healthy, but the children had problems with disease.

In cells of living organisms (insects, fish, animals, humans), there is a process called DNA methylation, which works as “on–off” switch and make sure that “good actions” of the genes continue to go forward but “bad actions” stay silent or get thwarted off.

Scientists wondered how it is that children of healthy parents, developed autism? There are many theories as to how autism occurs. It is suspected that problems with DNA methylation is responsible.

A recent article in the Journal of epidemiology, reveals that, the problem is with DNA methylation defect in the sperm from the father. The scientists isolated areas on the genes that show methylation defects. These are much more than on the fathers who do not have children with autism. Problems with DNA methylation are also blamed for causing cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and premature aging. 

Problems with DNA methylation are decreased by the following: 

B complex and Folate rich vitamins rich foods, and foods rich with Glucourophanins, like Cruciferous vegetables (Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts etc) 

Nutritional Supplements that support DNA healthy methylation equation, like Active Essentials and Oncoplex are available at our office.




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