Our patients asked us to share their true experiences at our practice.

We are honored and humbled by their request

“I’m very happy with my treatment. Dr. Dave’ has treated me with utmost respect and made me feel heard when I was having problems… medicine is helping me greatly…”: Ms. B. 11-27-17

You are the Best Doctor ever. You have changed my life. I now for the first time have control of my life. Thank you for all you have done for me. Thank you. : Mrs. G 3-20-17

Dr. Mahesh Dave is a lifesaver. I had lost all hope. He gave me hope again. He is patient, kind and genuinely concerned about my well-being. I feel safe, secured and truly cared for.” : Posted 1-28-16 by Ms. S.

Thank all of you for everything you have done for me the last few years. Dr. Dave, you have always given me the best treatment possible. Your staff has always been very professional and caring. I will never forget how much you all have helped me.” Posted 12-14-15 by PD.

“Dr. Dave, I just wanted to express my sincere thanks to you for changing my health destiny… When I first came to see you, I know what I felt like. I was dying… Your willingness to teach me, not just treat me has helped me deal with “the bumps” along the way… Some doctors simply treat their patients with medicines but to have helped me ‘move in’ with my life………. The world needs more doctors like you!”  : Posted 11-19-15 by BN

” I suffered from major Depression, Severe panic disorder and severe OCD, all my life. A severe dark cloud of depression and anxiety dominated my life… my thoughts were consumed with suicide… mental pain beyond comprehension was causing physical pain 24 hours a day…  Dr. Mahesh Dave helped me with treatments and supplements… When I came to the doctor Dave, I had been confined to bed for 3 months… I am a free person today thanks to Dr. Mahesh… I don’t know what a normal person feels but I will take how I feel today any day compared to the pain I have lived through my life. Today! I am a different person… able to live a normal life… Words cannot describe how grateful I am to Dr. Mahesh” by JM

“I suffered from severe pain down to the hand. 5 hours in the emergency room, it was determined that my heart was fine. I was given prescription for ibuprofen which gave no relief. Second treatment was to an urgent care, replaced ibuprofen with other medication, but no relief. Third trip to orthopedic doctor, shot off Cortizone and Botox, no help. Visit with the fourth doctor, got injections in the left shoulder, and prednisone, for 3 days plus hydrocodone 3 times a day, and gabapentin 1200mg day, and after 3 days the pain returned, just as severe.

Two weeks after emergency room visit, I received first acupuncture treatment by Dr. Dave.   Results were such that no pain medication was required that day. Second acupuncture treatment – less pain, no medications required. Third acupuncture treatment, 18 days without pain. Very pleased with significant reduction in pain with acupuncture versus very little relief from medical doctors at other facilities” : Posted 10-1-15

I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed coming to Dr. Dave. He has really helped me with the problems I was having and has really made a huge difference in my life. I thank God for sending me to him to help get my life back in order.   I would recommend him to anyone seeking help. Dr. Dave has proved to be an excellent psychiatrist and a good friend. Thank you. – by MC on 9/14/2015

“Dr. Dave is very understanding & is good about not “stuffing” with medications to fix the problems. It is healthy progression, which is something I deeply appreciate” – VH

“When I first came to you I was depressed, overweight & unable to solve difficult situations in my life. You took time to talk with me… and changed my way of looking at life. I am now happy, able to solve problems that are in my control and have lost 36 pounds! I am very thankful to you!” – D.D.

” Dr. Mahesh Dave has been a God sent to me. He has such a gentle yet thorough way of dealing with all of my problems. He never gave up on me. I finally feel like I can take control of my life. I thank you for giving me my life back” – G.K.

“Dr. Dave and his staff provide excellent care to those seeking help. He provides evidence-based practice to his patients and they benefit from his care. Dr. Dave provides a healing environment for his patients and truly shows care and compassion in his practice.” – M. P.

“My gynecologist gave me simvastatin and Niacin.  I started experiencing very extreme anxiety and panic.  She did not know why my anxiety was totally out of control.  Dr. Mahesh Dave determined that it was due to the Niacin.  He asked me to stop Niacin.  After stopping Niacin, my anxiety level dropped back down… second benefit to getting off Niacin is that I have not had any more of the hot flashes.”  

“I hereby express my gratitude. Dr. Dave was instrumental in helping me sleep again and put me back on path of recovery. His in-depth knowledge of medications helped determine the exact dose needed to address the problems I have been experiencing. Dr. Dave is likely the best specialist in the BCS area” – Dr. H.

“Doctors Dave’ are the best doctors in Bryan College Station. They treat their patients well. Above and Beyond. Kind and Compassionate. I love them dearly. I trust them with all my heart.” – Mrs. RB

 “My son… was diagnosed with Asperger’s Disease at age 10 (diagnosis by pediatrician and patient suffered with stigma and was social outcast till 21)… He began to see Dr. Dave when he was 21 …Dr. Dave has been a wonderful caregiver for my son.  … Dr. Dave explored the possibility that Asperger’s diagnosis was not correct.  With the new diagnosis of major depression and anxiety disorder, my son has achieved great social growth… Dr. Dave has listened to him, and treated him with encouragement and respect.  He has seen him immediately when my son has struggled and Dr. Dave has done an excellent job with determining appropriate medications to support my son’s efforts toward becoming a confident young man who now sees he can do things in life that he never dreamed he would be able to do”. Mrs. L.

“Dr. Dave, thank you so much for helping me in my issues.  I was so tired of seeing from one doctor to another all the time until I came to you.  Urine able to help me when I was at my very lowest point.  I appreciate you very much for helping me and putting my life on the right track.  You and your staff are so helpful in understanding.  Thank you very much.” Mrs. M. 

“I am greatly appreciative of the care I have received from Dr. Dave and his staff.  My life is changed for the better because of his attention and skills. Ms. A.”

“I had an elevated urine protein level.  Dr. Dave immediately ordered an abdominal ultrasound and then an MRI.  Many people would not have followed up this way on an elevated urine protein.  The test disclosed a mass in the kidney.  The cancer was successfully removed.  All of these major blessings I owe to Dr. Nalini.  Her characteristic modesty will not allow her to take pride in herself––she would much rather be about the business of caring for patients––but I know that I am one of her many success stories.” – Mr. A.

“Dr. Mahesh Dave saved my life.  He is the reason why I was able to make it through the law school.  He is the definition of a kind and compassionate physician who truly cares for his patients.”   

“Dr. Nalini, I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my father’s life.” – Mrs. V. “.

“Dr. Dave is wonderful!  I feel better now, since coming to him, than in years. He takes time to talk and answer any questions I have. A great doctor” Ms. S.M.

 “Dr. Dave, I want to thank you for such wonderful care of me. My gratitude, respect for you is very high.  I will continue to drive to see you every time 1-1/2 hours one way.” – Mrs. W. J. 

“Dr. Dave is an answer to my prayers and one of the biggest blessings in my life.  Thank you for helping me become a better and stronger me ☺” – Mrs. T. 

“Thank you for your kindness, patience and bringing me out of the “La-La land” into the “land of Living” – Mrs. R. H. 

“For so long I had lost my joy, even becoming very isolated – and liking it!. I am so grateful for your help!!. I can face life again… You have given me hope!!! . Ms. P.

“Dr. Dave is absolutely wonderful.  I was treated for anxiety and depression for over 25 years without a successful outcome.  After only 2 visits, testing and blood work he diagnosed me correctly and began a treatment that has been highly successful for my condition…  I’m very happy to say that I am once again a functioning member of society.”– Mrs. D. 

“I began taking testosterone injections, 1 month ago.  This past month I have had more energy, no depression, better attention span and better outlook on life”– M.  S. 

“… I was basically lost.  After being treated, I am more confident, outgoing, and no longer have cycles of depression.  Going through Dr. Dave’s approach and treatment plan has given me a better quality of life”– D.  P.

 “I began seeing Dr. Nalini in June 2012 because I was experiencing crushing fatigue.  My prior to doctors were unable to help me.  Dr. Dave diagnosed that I had blocked arteries.  I underwent a quadruple bypass.  This has gone very well for me.  I believe that Dr. Dave saved my life”– M. D.

 “I want to thank you for all the help you have given to me.  For the first time in a very long time I have a life again…  I’m coping and moving forward with my life.” 

“Dr. Nalini and Dr. Mahesh Dave are both excellent doctors.  I plan on coming to them for many years.”  P.  S. 

“Thank you so much for all of your wonderful help.  I feel like a new person and I’m able to live life more fully now that I’ve gotten treatment”– E.  S. 

“Dr. Dave has been a true professional, in evaluating my mental status and treating me with correct medication.  I have not had an episode of psychosis for 11 years.  I’m an independent stable individual because of the professional treatment Dr. Dave provides. – S.  G. 

“As a professional Dr. Dave is extremely well versed not only in the diagnosis of mental health disorders but also in appropriate supplements and support treatments” P.  M. 

“After just 1 week of taking your medicine I felt better mentally and physically than I have in the last 10-12 years.  I feel so much better, responsible and useful once again.  Thanks” – G.  W.  

“Dr. Dave is wonderful.  Since her treatment my mood and energy has changed for the better.  Your staff is helpful and polite.  I’m glad I made the decision to give your office a call, when I needed help.  Thank you” – A.  M. 

“The physical and mental pain I was enduring was horrible.  I truly was on my last thread of sanity.  I had no hope, no faith and especially did not see any light at the end of the tunnel. I can now face a day at a time with prayer and knowing I have the most caring and sincere doctors in the World. It is great to be alive”. – D.  

“I can’t speak highly enough about the fruitful success of my treatment program…  ADD plus depression are terribly crippling and Dr. Dave has set me on the past to become my old self, very empowering treatment” – J.  M.

  “Your treatment has given me such a positive outlook––the will to be happy and how important it is to know God loves us and wants us to be happy.” 

“I came in feeling like a lump of Play-Doh and now with encouragement and correct medications to support me I have become a happy, healthy and now a working woman”. Mrs. J. 

“I have been a patient of Dr. Mahesh Dave for 11 years.  Prior to seeing Dr. Dave I suffered severe depression.  He has treated me with serotonin reuptake blockers, and I lead a normal and productive life.  Without his expertise there is no telling how my life would be different and what other medical problems would have developed without his treatment and concern”. Mr. H. 

“Dr. Dave has helped me so much.  I’m better than I have been in many years.  I have hope in life and myself.  I feel so much better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Thank you.”  T. H. 

“I never thought I would ever stop crying.  I never thought I could live a happy normal life.  He helped me to realize that life goes on.  I realized I needed God, family and friends and Dr. Dave helped me to realize that.  Thanks for everything” – P.  R. 

“Dr. Dave and his staff are amazing.  He is always so helpful and willing to go the extra mile to make sure I’m happy.  They Rock ☺.  And when the insurance changed he was more than happy to accommodate.” – Mr. C. 

“Two years ago––I was tired and sick.  High blood pressure, insomnia and overweight made me increasingly depressed and lost.  With your help I made changes to my diet, took supplements that not only helped my body but will also fit my lifestyle.  Glutathione intravenous has helped me tremendously to stay focused, feel well, and carry on doing the best for my body.” 

“I used to believe that depression was because people were too lazy to take care of themselves and their lives.  Now I know it is a real illness.  I found Dr. Dave and he has helped me come to terms with the loss of my husband.  I have a life again and he is helping me to reduce the amount of medications I have been on for past 4 years. Hopefully someday I’ll be off all medications” Mrs. P. R. 

“Dr. Dave has helped me tremendously!  He has helped change my outlook and attitude towards life and I’m eternally grateful.  My life is changed both spiritually and mentally.” 

“The consistency of his care has made such a difference in my life.  At one point in time and I had lost all hope. Now I continue to keep “keep on keeping on” because of his belief in me! Needless to say–I’m so very thankful for him!” – Mrs. L. 

“Dr. Dave has saved my life.  Without him there is no way I would be alive. Thank you so much for saving my life.”

 “I would not go to another doctor.  I drive from Houston because Dr. Dave has been the only doctor to stabilize me and understand me.” Mrs. P. P. 

“I was referred to Dr. Dave several months ago.  He saved my life, or as Dr. Dave says God chose to save my life.  God lead me to Dr. Dave.” Mrs. D. B.

 “Dr. Dave treated me with the utmost respect during my darkest moments.” 

“Thank you so much for helping me.  I was so overmedicated and you corrected that so that I can be myself again.  I will certainly refer you to other patients in mental pain” – Mrs. H. L. 

“Dr. Mahesh has saved my life many times over.  He has also helped my family and made life livable for them.  Of all the people in my life he has been the one person, in times of crisis, that does seem to know exactly what to do to get things back to normal” – M.S. 

“In my experience I feel confident in saying that Dr. Dave has saved my life….   Based on my experience in the area of customer care, Dr. Dave represents a genuinely masterful approach to dealing with patients as individuals”. – Mr. R. 

“My back was in so much pain for most of the month.  After 2 treatments of acupuncture I was moving around with little to no pain.  Yesterday I rode my horse gently walking him for 30 minutes.  Today I feel good.  Thank you Dr. Dave” – JW 

“I have been a psychiatric patient of Dr. Mahesh…   He has been a pillar of stability in my life.  As I have gone through normal events and crisis – work, promotion, relationships, and publication, and cancer, travel – not to mention the lows and highs of bipolar affective disorder – he has always been able to read my mood quickly and respond to it therapeutically with a unique combination of humor and probity, insight and sympathy, discipline and more support.  I’m most grateful for this benign and constant influence” – A. S. 

“Being a patient of Dr. Mahesh, I could not be more thankful for the quality of care they provide.  The staff is incredible.  They provide support as I continue my journey to mental health.” 

“After visiting with Dr. Dave and him treating me with medications, I have seen a great change in my life – getting better with being able to get out in public and controlling my panic and anxiety disorder.  I owe Dr. Dave a lot of gratitude for helping me live a better life for me and my family” – Ms. W. 

“Dr. Dave, just want you to know that I really think you have helped my family!  They needed you so much and you have always been there for all of us…   I will always be thankful for helping me also.  When I get down I know you will help me” – Mrs. F. 

 “I was feeling run down and had no energy.  I wasn’t able to get out of bed at a decent hour.  I’ve been on the intravenous therapy for 4 months now and have noticed an increase in energy during the day.  I have been able to get going as soon as I wake up.  I would recommend the therapy to anyone.  My mood is great.” – Mr. M.

   “Psoriasis sufferers need to know about you and your ability to treat them successfully.  I offer my deepest gratitude to you for your careful attention to my health. May God continue to bless your work as well as your precious family” – Mrs. C. 

“For all you are, for all you do––thank you” – Ms. O. S. 

“I had lost over 30 pounds and had been seeing four different types of doctors.  It was only after being on of a local church’s prayer list that I was guided to Dr. Dave.  He was the first doctor that understood what I was experiencing… he is very careful in prescribing the medications.  He used the lowest possible strength of medicine to maintain the desired effect.  He is also a very professional advice counselor.  He is definitely a God sent.  Thanks, Dr. Dave”. – Mr. D.H. 

“In addition to being totally delightful, Dr. Nalini has a bedside manner that 1 wish that my mother had.  Dr. Nalini’s philosophy is to keep her client’s well so that they don’t get sick.  That is much preferable to me than getting sick and finding a regular doctor to try to get well”  

 “The first word in psoriasis healing is Dr. Nalini Dave, Bryan Texas USA.  979-776-5600.” – From a patient who has been free of psoriasis with appropriate supplements, without the use of toxic disease modifying agents of modern times. 

“Of all the doctors I have been to in the past, Dr. Dave helped me more than anyone else with my bipolar condition” – J. M. 

“Dr. Dave even helped me “see” the positives of having the disease of bipolar disorder!  For me, keeping my “life in balance” is the secret to be surviving each day – Dr. Dave has helped me learn how to do this on a day-to-day basis!” 

“You truly helped to save my life through your compassion and understanding treatment.  I will always be grateful to you and your staff” – J. T. 

“I came to Dr. Dave’s office earlier suffering from some pretty bad anxiety and panic attacks.  I was very scared and needed help.  And sure enough this establishment was perfect.  The friendly staff and Dr. Dave’s advice combined to provide relief from my symptoms…   If I want a psychiatric doctor, Dr. Dave would be the one. 10/10!” – Mr. M. H. 

 “Dr.  Dave has been very thorough in his ongoing evaluation of our son.  He has been excellent at listening and collecting information to be able to help our son and us, as we work with our son.  We have been happy with the results of the medicine he prescribed and glad that medicine has always been at the lowest level needed…  Dr. Dave has taught us to start low and go slow.” – Mrs. K. 

“Dr. Dave has been my doctor for the past 2 years and I find that he is indeed the best and the most caring Dr. and “person” and that I have dealt with through the years of depression.  He is truly caring and sincere to me.  I’m not treated as just another number.  I praise God for allowing me to be a part of Dr. Dave’s practice” – Mrs. D. 

“When I arrived, I was gloomy and worried about holding onto my employment.  After the treatment, things have turned around and I have won a national award from my workplace, marking my success… All this is due entirely to the good treatment program of Dr. Mahesh, to whom I am most thankful”. – Mr. J. M. 

“Dr. Nalini, you have made a difference in my life” – Mrs. M. G. 

“Dr. Dave is such an excellent doctor caring for me and has always been there for me during my ups and downs, battling my depression.  He is a blessing…   He is awesome and his level of care is perfect!” – Mrs. D. P. 

“I’m doing so much better now.  I used to attach my self-worth to employment, which played a large part in my depression…  I would never be in the position to recognize that my self-worth comes from myself instead of an external source, if it wasn’t for your treatments.  I can really see the light at the end of the tunnel.” – K. D. 

“Dr. Dave has been instrumental in my recovery from clinical depression.  He is very thorough and thoughtful in his assessments and care of my mental health.  I’m feeling like my old self again.  I would recommend him to anyone in the Brazos Valley as a psychiatrist.  He has been great!” 

“Dr. Dave is an excellent, caring, good listening doctor.  Making an appointment with him was the best thing I have ever done for myself.” 

“At the time of my referral I was, mentally, in the worst shape in my life.  I neither thought I could be helped nor did I think there was help out there… I wholeheartedly believe that it is guidance and the help of the medication he has prescribed, I have slowly begun to heal.  I look forward to a time in my life when I’ll be able to live my life to the fullest without thinking about my past, and I believe that if I continue to see Dr. Dave this goal will be achieved.” – Mrs. H. M.

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Our Patients’ Kind Words

“I’m very happy with my treatment. Dr. Dave’ has treated me with utmost respect and made me feel heard when I was having problems… medicine is helping me greatly…”

11-27-17 from Ms. B.